2016   ~ Madison    10” x 10” x 2.5”    Mixed Media
Damien Davis & Andria Morales
 #dominicanwomengooglesearch  2016  digital print on sintra and fabric collage  aprox 6' x 15' x 12'   
 Fate and Space in a Pleasant Mood (Detail)  2014  Archival Inkjet Print
  2014   ~ Veil    8 ft x 4 ft    Acrylic latex caulking on wire mesh with video projection       
 SINE GALLERY’s inaugural exhibition PULSE/TRIGGER features the works of John Amelchenko, Joiri Minaya, Jahi Sabater, and Adrienne Elise Tarver, with a performance by Damien Davis and Andria Morales.  PULSE/TRIGGER focuses on the corruption of the current socio-political condition in the United States. Each artist’s work exists on the precipice of hidden political agendas and much-needed reveals. Palpating the pulse of the current political artery of corruption, racism, and bipartisan politics, this show will explode previously perceived expectations and knowns of what it means to be American.  OPENING RECEPTION: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 6–9pm (8pm performance)  LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 8pm – midnight  BLACK LIVES MATTER PANEL with Zellie Imani: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 8 – 9pm   BLACK LIVES MATTER PANEL  and discussion organized by BLM activist Zellie Imani in the exhibition Pulse/Trigger. This panel will addressed changing issues of Systemic Racism in our country through Policy Change, decreasing Poverty, changing racist Policing, Education, and Social Media.  Featuring:   Zellie Imani  is a community organizer and educator living in NJ. Zellie has served in diverse K-8 settings as an English/Math teacher and curriculum developer. Most recently, Zellie has been organizing against anti-black state violence with St Louis based Millennial Activists United and  #NJShutItDown, a social justice network of college and high school students in the state of NJ. He is also a co-founder of the Black Liberation Collective, a collective consisting of Black students who are dedicated to transforming institutions of higher education through unity, coalition building, direct action and political education that has initiated the #StudentBlackOut movement across campuses in the United States and Canada.      Alexis Miller  is a leader in Black Lives Matter Paterson. She recently received her degree from Rutgers University majoring in Public Policy with concentrations in Community Development, Race and Ethnic Studies, and Film. During her time at the university, Alexis was awarded the Rutgers Civic Scholar Certificate for her commitment to public service and was chosen as the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy 2015 commencement speaker. Though Alexis plans to pursue a joint degree program for her Juris Doctorate and Master’s in Public Administration, at the start of 2017, she will research and analyze mass atrocity prevention for The Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. Currently, Alexis is organizing against police misconduct by advocating for transparency and accountability through the implementation of Civilian Complaint Review Boards.   Damien Davis  is a Brooklyn-based artist. His practice explores historical representations of blackness by seeking to unpack the visual language of various cultures and question how these societies code/decode representations of race through design and digital modes of production. Davis’ solo exhibitions include  OBJECT | AFFECTION , Black Ball Projects, Brooklyn, NY (2016); His group exhibitions include  The Magic Flute , 80WSE Gallery, New York, NY (2016) ;  Itasca , The Bindery Projects, St. Paul, MN (2016);  ReSignifications , Biagiotti Progetto Arte, Florence, Italy (2015); and  RESPOND , Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY (2015). His awards and residencies include Art & Law Program Fellow, New York NY, (2016); and Prattsville Art Center residency, Prattsville, NY (2012). Davis holds a B.F.A in Studio Art and an M.A in Visual Arts Administration from New York University.   Damien Davis is a participant in Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Workspace program. LMCC.net   Allen Kwabena Frimpong  is one of the lead organizers of Black Lives Matter in New York City, and is a philanthropic strategist and capacity-builder. Much of his work has been developing transformative ways to support and fund organizations and individuals in building social movements.  He cut his teeth as the International Network Coordinator for the Youth RISE network for young people impacted by drug use. He has been organizing toward achieving equity and justice for vulnerable children and families & has studied network theory and social movements for over 10 years.      Katherine Ramos  was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. She is a single mother and homeschooling parent to her 9 year old son. In 2008 she began practicing massage therapy which provides positive touch and healing to her communities through her craft.  Her dedication and involvement in her community has been visible through her work with youth. For the last three years Katherine mentored students involved in The Newark Students Union, an organization founded by and for students with the goals of protecting student rights, ensuring they receive a quality education, and empowering the student voice in the political process. As an organizer, she helped mobilize and direct donations to communities throughout New Jersey, after super-storm Sandy, via Occupy Sandy. In November of 2014, Katherine helped organize a Books and Breakfast Program at Source of Knowledge, that provided hot meals and free books to children and adults, to promote reading in Newark. Katherine is the co-starter and a current member of BBLAC, a group focused on a six-prong approach to divestment from white supremacy and the systems it governs. The six prongs the group is focused on are education; food justice; health & wellness; tech/ social media; economics and community activism.  Katherine hopes to help lay the foundation work that will lead to the liberation of her community.